Interface Summit X - Life Restart
Interface Summit X Life Restart
Interface Summit X - Life Restart


Why X not 10?

10 is perfection. X is magic.
10 is known. X is unknown.
10 is achievement. X is discovery.
10 is evidence. X is mystery.
10 is explained. X is unexplained.
10 is real. X is virtual.
10 is limited. X is wonder.
10 is certainty. X is revolution.
10 is change. X is acceleration.
10 is finite. X is infinite.

You can tell by our ten year history that we’ve always been obsessed with the letter X. Think of X as interface, as excellence. But also think of X as the intersection of different worlds: real and virtual, rational and irrational, or digital and analog.

If you look through human history you’ll see that we’re not the only ones obsessed with the letter X. The letter X has been used for its power to multiply, inspire or solve some of our deepest mysteries.

Ancient Romans and Greeks used the letter X in trade, communications and religion. In modern times X is wide spread in medicine (X-Ray), communications (iPhone X), video games (Xbox), space technology (SpaceX), demographics (Generation X), transportation disruption (Uber X), conspiracies and aliens (X-Files), and undefinable quality (X Factor). 

X is also used to mark a specific spot or a date in your calendar. INTERFACE Summit X is that virtual spot.

The date is 10.20-21.2021.

From Known to Unknown: The Past, The Present and The Future of Digital Health.
It’s time for LIFE: RESTART.
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ReThink Global Health After COVID-19

Events like INTERFACE Summit that bring people from all different backgrounds to share and to envision a future together are critical for the success of this field.

Dr. Adam Gazzaley– Physician, Neuroscientist, Innovator, Investor – UCSF, Neuroscience Labs, Akili Interactive


The 2021 INTERFACE Summit is our 10th annual conference on the Future of Health. It is a two-day online event created to engage, inform, inspire and offer ideas and solutions for a world after Coronavirus.

The theme of the event is LIFE: RESTART and it is meant to cover the past (2010 – 2019), the present (Coronavirus pandemic), and the future (2022 – 2040) of digital health.

The summit’s theme is also meant to cover the impact of digital technologies in a person’s life from the time before they are born, through childhood, adulthood, aging, death and even after death. Some call it “Individualized Medicine from Prewomb to Tomb” while others call it “From Lust to Dust”.

This year you can enjoy inspirational talks; meet global visionaries, fast-thinking entrepreneurs and leaders who care about our health and our local tribes and our global human family.

We look forward to a meaningful dialogue and experience!

Share new ideas. Expand your knowledge. Connect with each other.

The Attendees