What is this year’s theme?


How do you use technology to humanize healthcare – for 8 billion people or for one individual? The average visit with a patient lasts 8 minutes. What if you could get all the info about a patient in less than 2 minutes so you can spend the rest of the visit talking with and listen-ing to them?

Would healthcare be different if you could use your patient’s DNA to eliminate or significantly reduce medical errors? How can you use AI to improve diagnosis accuracy? Can software be as good as drugs but without the same cost or side-effects? What rights and ob-ligations should your “digital twin” have in a digital healthcare world? Will your virtual reality therapy or mental health app meet the neuro-ethics standards of tomorrow? Do you know how to measure or extract value from Big Data for each patient? Can we build robots that will show not only intelligence but emotion?

Who are we looking for?

Fantastic story tellers; amazing educators; crazy, entertaining scientists; agents of change; frustrated physicians; inspiring leaders; creative minds; artists, and others. Apply by July 31st.

We are looking for story-tellers or big thinkers from inside the health and healthcare industries as well as from the outside. We are looking for patient stories and consumer stories. You can be a 13-year old innovator or an 85-year old wise man. Or you could be the director of Star Trek, Ready Player One or the Next Fantastic Journey!

We are looking for relevant, interesting, jaw-dropping, humorous, humane stories in the following categories: 

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Big Data Collection, Analytics, Visualization
  3. Brain + Mental Health
  4. Brain-Machine Interfaces
  5. Consumer Health + Wellness  + Fitness
  6. Digital Therapeutics
  7. Food + Nutrition
  8. Genomics + Sequencing
  9. Health Diagnostics
  10. Pain Management
  11. Population Health Management
  12. VR/AR/MR Therapies
  13. Wearables + Biosensors

Who is the audience?

A unique mix of developers, engineers, researchers, physicians, nurses, students, misfits, deep thinkers, agents of change, creatives, designers, social media experts, investors, government representatives, and social media.

What should you submit?

A short description of your talk (less than 50 words).

What we expect from you?

A passionate, provoking, knowledgeable, well-communicated story.

What is the deadline?

July 31, 2019

Important details:

If we choose you as a speaker, we will work with you to curate your content and promote your talk via video, blogs and social media. We are also happy to offer you a VIP Speaker Pass that will give you total access to all the events.

INTERFACE Health Society, the executive producer of INTERFACE Summit 2019, is a small not-for-profit organization based in Vancouver, BC, with a big heart and big dreams. We work with a small and talented group of creative artists, a community-driven advisory board and volunteers to make INTERFACE Summit happen.

Depending on your talent and topic, you will have up to 18 minutes to share a story or 15-45 minutes to deliver a workshop, or moderate a panel. Speakers are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs. For speakers who cannot afford to come and share their story with our audience we will do our best to find a sponsor who can cover the travel and accommodation costs.

Submit your application to speak by Wednesday, July 31 (5:00pm Pacific Standard Time).

Follow @interfacehealth or visit www.interfacesummit.com for news, alerts and updates.

If you have any questions, please email us at feedback@interfacehealth.com